Plier P-1L, Lockable Extra Strong

Plier P-1L, Lockable Extra Strong


This is one of Stirex strongest pliers with a true double joint and a front with small dimensions. Softly self-opening straight handles conform to the hand and are easy to work with. Lockable. All Stirex pliers are suitable for both right and left handed users and perfect if you have weak hands. Our pliars are very popular both in assembly work in electronics’ industry but also suitable as gripping pliers in food industries or domestic work. All our pliers are light, reliable and comfortable with a self-opening handle which is working in a soft and smooth way and with low spring pressure.
Thickness of jaws: 1,5 mm
Observe that no distal finger control is required. Pressure is distributed evenly over the surface of the palm, limiting stress on individual joints. Requires no thumb opposition.
The spring band is fitted to the rear parts of the handle to obtain the suitable spring function with a well balanced pressure and an additional feature is that if the spring band weakens it can simply be unclipped from the handle and turned round to restor all its effectiveness.
Mashine washable and boil resistant.

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